Monday, August 31, 2009

Mariana is looking for a partner

I got an email from Mariana.

Mariana is a luxury escort girl (well established, she says ...) and, in short, she wants to meet me on a personal level because she is tired of having "normal" boyfriends and does not work.

For what the Mariana tells, she does not want to have a double life. So lying and hiding is out of the question for her. When she starts a relationship her boyfriend must know what she does for a living. Although the beginning seems to be okay, there are 2 kinds of problems. The man who really accept the fact that she is an escort girl do it because he lean financially. Mariana fed up. Those without financial dependence sooner or later begin to try to make her give up the profession. Mariana does not accept it.

I understand perfectly the position on the first situation. For the second, the fact that her boyfriend wants Mariana to leave the activity, I first tried to understand, but really Mariana is right not accepting it. If she accepts it she will find herself in a situation of dependence, losing what she worked hard to achive.

Mariana would like to meet me because she has been thinking that perhaps only one man with the same occupation can truly understand her and thus achieve a stable relationship.

I was flattered!

I thanked the invitation but had to decline. Because I have a girlfriend (who happens not dream that I am a escort boy) and I'm not open to new relationships.

But I wish to make clear that I agree with Mariana, and I might, in the future, if my current relationship does not work and I want to take my escort activity more seriously, to think that only someone of the same profession can accept it.

I wish all the best to Mariana, I hope she finds someone very special (escort or not ...) that respect her and with who she will be happy for life!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unforgettable Friday in Cascais

Hello to all

Lucy complained that I had promised to write a post about our adventure and had failed (yet. ..). So here I am doing the promised ...

Lucy found me through twitter ( It was there that she saw my blog and decided to contact me.

We agreed for a coffee during the week. PS: My coffees with clients and friends are always at the end of the day in the EXPO because that is where I work ...

So it happened. We met for a coffee on Tuesday evening. I had a good impression of Lucia right away. In her 40s, slim, well dressed, very friendly and funny.

We agreed for a diner in Cascais next friday. She was going to spend the weekend in the Algarve with her family. Lucy suggested to have diner in Mercearia Vencedora in Cascais Marina. I already knew the place and liked the idea. Date scheduled for 9 pm.

On Wednesday Lucy sent me a message saying she had made a reservation at the Mirage hotel. I asked why he had booked the hotel if we were going to dinner only? She replied that she knew how ... Not discussed. With decided women there is nothing a man can do ...

On Thursday I decided that since we had hotel booked (and good ...) in Cascais, I was going to take the afternoon off next day. It would be nice to go to the Guincho beach and then go to the hotel to get ready to dinner. I informed Lucy of my plans. She did not reply ...

On Friday I did the expected. I worked up to 1 pm, had lunch at the EXPO and headed towards the Guincho beach. But before I popped by the Hotel to confirm that there was indeed a reservation made (sorry Lucy, but as you did not reply me, I thought it would be safer to go check it out...). There was indeed, and I liked so much the pool area that I stopped right there in the afternoon and didn't go to the beach (it is also true that sometimes the sand bother me and I prefer a nice swimming pool).

It was nearly 4 pm when Lucy calls me to ask if I did had gone to the beach. She was arriving to Guincho beach in her nice bikini ... I said I actually had preferred to stay in the hotel pool. She made a little detour and came to join me. She was not far ...

When she arrived I was sunbathing by the chair. She kissed me in the mouth straight away. We spent all afternoon making out, like teenagers. I honestly was not expecting that ...

Later we went up to the room. And we did all you can possibly imagine, and even a few more things ... It was just great.

Diner was canceled. Lucy went to the Algarve that night. So did I. Apart, of course ;)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Analysis of the first month of activity


I do not write anything on the blog for some time. It has been a mixture of lack of time and laziness. When I have free time I opt for doing something else ...

Today I received an email. Not from a client but from a girl who wants to be an escort and wants to share some thoughts with me. We'll probably go out for a coffee later this week ...

So I decided to take the rest of the afternoon to write some things here ...

I have nothing scheduled for tonight (I'll play soccer with some friends) and until then I'll devote myself to the blogosphere.

I will not tell any story in particular (although that's what I like to write) but I'll do an analysis to my first month of activity.

First I want to say that I never thought tp have so many customers. Initially I had no idea what would happen, did no market research, and a british escort colleague predicted that I would never have any client, because for her there is no market for straight male escort (only for women and gays ...).

She was wrong and I'm surprised. I had six customers so far and more than twenty contacts. Not bad for the first month, I think...

But for that I have invested about 4 to 5 hours per day on the internet to promote my services. I've created ads on classified sites in several countries, exchanged links with related sites and sexshops, listed my blogs in escort directories, created profiles on social networks. As I have the blog in 4 languages it gives 4 times more work. Myd 4 foreign customers compensates.

Thinking about the girl who sent me the email today and wants to be a escort and the british colleague opinion, probably with the same marketing effort a woman would have the same customers in a week (or one day ...).

PS: If any female escort read this post please write me to say how many customers you have on average from the internet.

So about results, they are positive (I had customers) but with great effort.

Another question that arises is whether I like being a escort. Answer: I LOVE IT! The idea itself attracts me. Being with a woman with the sole purpose of please her, pay attention, is something I like. But I also think I have this very positive opinion because I was lucky with the customers I had. Educated women, distinct, well above the average. With any one of them I could have a normal relationship. Many men would wish indeed.

I saw an article the other day where british girls go for hen nights to Spain with all inclusive (travel, hotel, food and male stipper) for 3 days and pay 200 pounds. I didn't like what I saw. A degradation, a low level ... If my clients were like that, I had give up the first day. Fortunately not.

No doubt the price is the big factor in selection. What I charge is expensive but allows for mutual satisfaction. The customers are satisfied with me. I am satisfied with my clients. There are rules and respect. And I'm not looking at the clock to see if it's past time or because I have to rush to another meeting to follow.

About the future? I will continue. I like it.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Micro-blogging and Social Networks

Busy Summer

I apologize to all my readers but I have not had time to update the blog.

It has been a very busy summer, with many customers, a lot of fun and new friends.

I have some good stories to tell here. I just need to get some time. I will try to get some today ...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Romance vs Sex

Hello ladies

Ladies continue asking me about my services. They want sex. If they pay, they want sex ... Wrong!

Nobody paid me to have sex. You pay me to have romance. Sex, when it happens, is always free ...

Sex by sex is like an aspirin for a headache. You have a headache, you take an aspirin. Tomorrow the headache is back, another aspirin. And you never understand why the headache is coming ...

Romance is more than that. It takes you back to life. You feel good. Not for half an hour, but with prolonged effect. Romance can change a life. Sex changes an hour.

Kisses to all

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yet about Mary ...

I still in contact with Mary. I like her. She seems to be a nice person.

Mary knows what she wants. She wants my professional services.

Mary has a family. she is focused on her career and want to have some good moments. She is right. She deserves it.

Mary has the right attitude to hire the services of male escort.

Mary saw on my blog that the rate I charge is for "no sex". She asked: "And with SEX ????"

Not that I was offended with the question. It has nothing to do with it. But I replied that sex is FREE, but I can't promise it will happen. If I charge to have sex I am a prostitute. I have nothing against prostitutes (male, female or shemale). But that is not what I want to be. You may think that I am arming myself in fine ... Maybe I'm ...

I want to be somebody who provides good moments, which are not necessarily involving sex.

Kisses to all readers and a very special one to Mary.