Friday, July 31, 2009

Romance vs Sex

Hello ladies

Ladies continue asking me about my services. They want sex. If they pay, they want sex ... Wrong!

Nobody paid me to have sex. You pay me to have romance. Sex, when it happens, is always free ...

Sex by sex is like an aspirin for a headache. You have a headache, you take an aspirin. Tomorrow the headache is back, another aspirin. And you never understand why the headache is coming ...

Romance is more than that. It takes you back to life. You feel good. Not for half an hour, but with prolonged effect. Romance can change a life. Sex changes an hour.

Kisses to all

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yet about Mary ...

I still in contact with Mary. I like her. She seems to be a nice person.

Mary knows what she wants. She wants my professional services.

Mary has a family. she is focused on her career and want to have some good moments. She is right. She deserves it.

Mary has the right attitude to hire the services of male escort.

Mary saw on my blog that the rate I charge is for "no sex". She asked: "And with SEX ????"

Not that I was offended with the question. It has nothing to do with it. But I replied that sex is FREE, but I can't promise it will happen. If I charge to have sex I am a prostitute. I have nothing against prostitutes (male, female or shemale). But that is not what I want to be. You may think that I am arming myself in fine ... Maybe I'm ...

I want to be somebody who provides good moments, which are not necessarily involving sex.

Kisses to all readers and a very special one to Mary.

Having coffee with Telma

Hello ladies

Yesterday evening I went for a coffee with Telma. In the area of the Park of Nations, Lisbon.

Telma read my blog and was curious to know me. She never thought about hiring the services of a male escort, but something inside her ... She told me that just the fact of paying to someone to be with her excited her a lot!

Telma is the typical successful career woman. Not businesswoman. She has a Ph.D. and has a good job. Very good. She is divorced and does not want to remarry soon. Telma has no children.

We had a very open conversation.

Telma don't consider herself beautiful (I disagree!) She has internalized the idea that men only approach her for the money, the stability she provides. As it happened once, she thinks it will always be that way ... (I also disagree. I agree that can happen. I disagree that it is always like that.)

She told me something I had heard men say about women: "It can be cheaper if you pay ..." We laughed about that ...

Next week we'll meet up for a diner.

I´ll let you all know about that later...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Growing Trend of Male Escorts Accompanying Traveling Women

There is a growing trend among women all over the world. They no longer wish to be called the weaker sex. When they are earning the same amount as their male counterparts and when they are occupying the same high positions in leading global organizations, there is no reason why they should be viewed from a different angle. Most such modern women are of the belief that 'why should boys have all the fun?'. They too want to enjoy every bit of life like their male counterparts and it is here where the professional male escort comes into the limelight.

Nowadays more and more women are traveling to different cities in their country or to foreign locales... all alone. When the day's work is over, they want someone with whom they can enjoy life and this is when they seek for a male escort. Spending a night all alone, without a semblance of fun, is something that is not acceptable to contemporary females. They too want to enjoy the same fun that their male counterparts do while traveling along. While their menfolk enjoy the company of petite and cute ladies, these women enjoy their nightlife in the company of male escorts.

This trend has grown up by leaps and bounds over the past decade and there is hardly any important city in the world that does not boast of a male escort service. Most such organizations have their own presence on the web. Women can just login and check out the detailed profiles of various males and select one of their likings. These websites contains detailed descriptions of males including their photographs, their hobbies, and sports etc. All that the demanding woman needs to do is select one such male escort from the list and notify the agency.

If you too are a female and are visiting any unknown city it is high time you too utilized the services of a male escort service. Why get bored stiff after your work is completed. Why not enjoy the company of a well groomed male. He will take you around the town and when you are tired, he will also help you to relax. Most of them are experienced in the art of sensuous massage too and can make your body relax with a few deft touches of their adept hands.

There are different types of such escorts available and you can get to know more about them and the type of escort service they offer by visiting their official website. Apart from the gigolo services you can also opt in for the straight male escort. The next time you are planning to pay a visit to any distant city and are interested to enjoy life to the fullest, ensure that you get in touch with any such organization that will assist you with handsome male escorts. There is no reason why you should not enjoy yourself... after all... 'why should males have all the fun?'

For more information on male escort services and to see some of the other services offered - including relationship life coaching and dinners dates for social and business functions - you may wish to contact a reputable escort agency. Many escorts are willing to travel the UK and abroad.

By Aimee Mann in EzineArticles

Client vs Friendship

I received a very sweet email from Mary, saying that she had read my blog, it pleased her and she wanted to meet me (thanks Maria!).

What happens is that I did not understand if she wanted to meet me as a client or as a friend.

However this email prompted me to think about an issue that involves establishing a rule.

I can't allow a relationship to start with a strange in the base of friendship.

A friend will never become a client. A client often becomes a friend.

So the rule is: Never start new friendships.

I hope you understand ...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Email I got from Amy Vergnes

I've received this email from Amy Vergnes.

I'm publishing it because I know she is right and I publicly apologize her and the other blogs I've spammed. Sorry all, again...


Can you please stop spamming my blog? If you want to promote yourself there are far better ways to go about it than pissing off English prostitutes, and it's not as if your comments are ever going to see the light of day anyway - you are just making ever more work for me deleting them daily.

I will be frankly amazed if you ever get a booking - why on earth would women pay for male company when we can so easily get it for free? Or at the very least, the price of a decent bra and some mascara. The market for straight male escorts is phenomenally small even for the truly exceptional, and I cannot imagine why you would think the readers of a female prostitute's blog and website would be the slightest bit interested; unfortunately if you want advertising, you generally have to pay for it the same as the rest of us. If I see any more of your ridiculous touting appearing on my dashboard I will be contacting your hosting company and making a formal complaint.

Amy Vergnes.

Evening in the Lisbon Sheraton Hotel

Yesterday I decided to pass the evening in the Sheraton Hotel. Understand the environment of luxury hotels. See who enters, who leaves, who is there ...

So I did. I took the laptop to work on some projects I have to finish and there I was, looking around.

I arrived close to 21 hours. The lobby was bustling. A lot of foreigners. Spanish, English and other nationalities who did not identify.

There were some ladies who I wouldn't mind to be my clients ...

I think one of the greatest difficulties of my new profession is to match supply and demand. Clients don't know where to find me. I do not know where to advertise ... Can not be done clearly and by normal methods.

I have to maintain the secrecy due to my double life. The customers also do not want as much publicity.

Usually the services of the very elite use references, recommendations. But it is certainly not something that a satisfied customer will tell friends in the coffee shop.

I liked the refined atmosphere in the late-night Sheraton. It was pleasant.

It was midnight when I thought to go home. I did not. Booked a room and got to bed on Sheraton (alone). A gift from me to myself. I love the breakfasts at the hotel.

Today I will do the same in Meridien. But will not stay to sleep (can not do it every day ...)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry for the Spam

Sorry if I spammed some blogs with my messages.

Trying to do it fast, didn't realize the mystake I was doing.

Sorry all...

Great Weekend !!!!!

Hello everyone

This weekend was awesome. I had my first client. And in the Algarve. It was Great!

On Friday, by the end of the day, was a little discouraged. Had received an email from an English lady to arrange a meeting in Lisbon. Exchanged two emails but then had no more replies ...

Saturday morning woke up early to go to the beach.

But, even with eyes ajar, I went to check the email.

New contact of an English lady (I think I'm lucky with the English ...).

Was coming to the Algarve on Saturday and was willing to have dinner with me. Had reservation at the Quinta do Lago Hotel for the week-end. Was going to be on the computer till noon. If I couldn't reply before noon asked me to call the hotel from 18 hours onwards.

Of course I responded immediately to the email. I asked which program she had in mind.

She said she wanted to go to dinner and maybe dance a little, if she was not very tired.

I agreed. I asked if she had a restaurant in mind or if she wanted me to choose. She left me that task. I made reservation for 2 at Amadeus, near Almancil, 20.30 and agreed to meet her in the lobby to the hotel by 20 hours.

I thought to go to the Guincho beach as planned and drive towards the Algarve only in the evening. However, I remember, I have a friend in Vilamoura with whom I don't speak for some time. I called him to ask if he had plans for the day. He was going to the beach with some friends. Good, I say, I'll join you.

So I did.

Before the 13 hours I was on the "falésia" beach in Vilamoura.

After a beautiful afternoon on the beach, around 18:30 I asked if they did not want to go. I had a meeting at 20 hours ...

They all wanted to know who was what it. Of course I didn't tell ...

Meanwhile a nervous feeling start to take possession of me as we approach the time of the meeting. This nervous had appeared for the first time in the morning when the meeting was confirmed, such as "And now, what do I do?" But the afternoon relaxing on the beach had disappeared. Now had come back ...

At 19:55 I was impeccably arranged in casual sporty style in the lobby of the Hotel Quinta do Lago. I remember, we had not combined to way to recognize, but I thought it would not be necessary. It was not.

20 hours sharp. She arrives. Beautiful. Not the beauty of a model of 20 years. The beauty of a woman of class, sophisticated, determined. Of course, I never asked her age. Should be near 50, but appeared just over 40. But what a 40 ...

Really I felt proud to be able to share an evening with that person. As soon as I saw her I believed it would be a memorable evening.

I Had asked the taxi to wait. We went for dinner.

I am more a steak guy. She fish and salad. It was what we ordered. We drank wine. We talked, talked and talked ...

She spoke of the failed marriage, the children, the successful business (related to the pharmaceutical industry).

We spoke about the Algarve, the beach, relationships, music, life. She was feeling well. Me too.

The time was passing. It was nearly midnight when we left the restaurant. I asked if the night was over for us. She looked at me (with what seemed to me a naughty face) and said he wanted to go dancing. We went to the T-Club.

We drank champagne and danced. We barely talked in the disco. She was well and that was most important to me. I was feeling the same.

Now while I write I wonder if anyone would have noticed that I was an escort and she was a client. I think not. I do not know. It doesn't matter.

Something started to bother me. And if she wanted something else? What would I do?

Because I had established for me that the rule was no sex. But I did not know how that for me was so important. Would let go. But I think at that time I was already wishing that she wanted ...

Around 1h00 am we left the T-Club.

Upon arrival the hotel she said she knew the rules that I had placed, but asked if I wanted to go to the room and drink some more champagne. I accepted immediately. Do not have to think.

Once we entered the suite I kissed her. She kissed me back. We kissed each other. We made love. We slept together.

In the morning I was awoke by the smell of the breakfast already waiting for me on the balcony. She was sunbathing.

I brought her to the bed and we made love again.

After breakfast I felt I had to leave quickly. I was losing control. I came to Lisbon.

I'll think about all this during next days ...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Maybe is not that easy ...

I have not had more response from my English lady. May be she is busy ... Maybe she gave up ... I'll wait ...

I was very excited with the first contact. If it was serious it would be extraordinary.

I have been visiting blogs and posting.

Meanwhile I have not had any further contact. Maybe it is early ... I have to continue to spread the word.

I will not give up. If anyone has ideas on how to advertise the blog please let me know. All help is welcome ...

Have a nice weekend.

First contact

This is incredible! Via Twitter - - had the first contact (3 hours after having created the account !!!!).

An English lady on a trip to Portugal wants to be me next week.

Is that true? Sounds too good ...

Already exchanged 2 emails with her. I do not want to enter into many details here on the blog, because the description is important ...

I'm excited ...

How can I ensure that it is a serious customer and not someone playing around? I think I have to get used to this cause it may happen many times.

I have a problem with the phone. I can not talk during the day (I'm @ work) or at night (I have a family ...). I think this will be a problem to me. Not having a Phone will make me lose many customers. And the exchange of emails will make me lose time with false customers. Are the conesequences of being an amateur. Well! For now it will have to be that way. One day, when I become a professional I'll change. Now I can't ...

I'll check my mailbox. Maybe I have news ... Bye

Tribute to Paula Lee

Why thank Paula Lee? For everything. And for nothing. Simply by being there and by reading her blog ( I decided to become male escort.

Don´t know her. Never talked to her. I sent her an email today but I do not know if she will ever reply me. It does not matter. The tribute is done.

Thanks Paula.

Fisrt Day

Yesterday was only to set up a blog the 4 languages I speak. Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Today is real.

I will dedicate myself to add content and promote the blogs. My marketing strategy will be only on the Internet. I tried to place ads on google but is not working. I will try to search blogs and forums related to escort.

Also I have Twitter.

On Twitter I'm only in English. I had to create several emails to have multiple accounts on Twitter. It would be so simple if it was like the blogs ... One account, multiple blogs ... But no. Twitter in 1 email = 1 account. It is a shame. May be in the future I'll create other accounts.

I am anxious to have my first client.

I do not know when it will be, but I think I will be more nervous that she ...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just starting...

I'm today starting my career as escort man. Only for ladies, please... It's something I've thought about a lot of times, but never did the last step. Now it's done.