Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Email I got from Amy Vergnes

I've received this email from Amy Vergnes.

I'm publishing it because I know she is right and I publicly apologize her and the other blogs I've spammed. Sorry all, again...


Can you please stop spamming my blog? If you want to promote yourself there are far better ways to go about it than pissing off English prostitutes, and it's not as if your comments are ever going to see the light of day anyway - you are just making ever more work for me deleting them daily.

I will be frankly amazed if you ever get a booking - why on earth would women pay for male company when we can so easily get it for free? Or at the very least, the price of a decent bra and some mascara. The market for straight male escorts is phenomenally small even for the truly exceptional, and I cannot imagine why you would think the readers of a female prostitute's blog and website would be the slightest bit interested; unfortunately if you want advertising, you generally have to pay for it the same as the rest of us. If I see any more of your ridiculous touting appearing on my dashboard I will be contacting your hosting company and making a formal complaint.

Amy Vergnes.


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