Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Evening in the Lisbon Sheraton Hotel

Yesterday I decided to pass the evening in the Sheraton Hotel. Understand the environment of luxury hotels. See who enters, who leaves, who is there ...

So I did. I took the laptop to work on some projects I have to finish and there I was, looking around.

I arrived close to 21 hours. The lobby was bustling. A lot of foreigners. Spanish, English and other nationalities who did not identify.

There were some ladies who I wouldn't mind to be my clients ...

I think one of the greatest difficulties of my new profession is to match supply and demand. Clients don't know where to find me. I do not know where to advertise ... Can not be done clearly and by normal methods.

I have to maintain the secrecy due to my double life. The customers also do not want as much publicity.

Usually the services of the very elite use references, recommendations. But it is certainly not something that a satisfied customer will tell friends in the coffee shop.

I liked the refined atmosphere in the late-night Sheraton. It was pleasant.

It was midnight when I thought to go home. I did not. Booked a room and got to bed on Sheraton (alone). A gift from me to myself. I love the breakfasts at the hotel.

Today I will do the same in Meridien. But will not stay to sleep (can not do it every day ...)

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