Friday, July 24, 2009

Fisrt Day

Yesterday was only to set up a blog the 4 languages I speak. Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Today is real.

I will dedicate myself to add content and promote the blogs. My marketing strategy will be only on the Internet. I tried to place ads on google but is not working. I will try to search blogs and forums related to escort.

Also I have Twitter.

On Twitter I'm only in English. I had to create several emails to have multiple accounts on Twitter. It would be so simple if it was like the blogs ... One account, multiple blogs ... But no. Twitter in 1 email = 1 account. It is a shame. May be in the future I'll create other accounts.

I am anxious to have my first client.

I do not know when it will be, but I think I will be more nervous that she ...

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