Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Weekend !!!!!

Hello everyone

This weekend was awesome. I had my first client. And in the Algarve. It was Great!

On Friday, by the end of the day, was a little discouraged. Had received an email from an English lady to arrange a meeting in Lisbon. Exchanged two emails but then had no more replies ...

Saturday morning woke up early to go to the beach.

But, even with eyes ajar, I went to check the email.

New contact of an English lady (I think I'm lucky with the English ...).

Was coming to the Algarve on Saturday and was willing to have dinner with me. Had reservation at the Quinta do Lago Hotel for the week-end. Was going to be on the computer till noon. If I couldn't reply before noon asked me to call the hotel from 18 hours onwards.

Of course I responded immediately to the email. I asked which program she had in mind.

She said she wanted to go to dinner and maybe dance a little, if she was not very tired.

I agreed. I asked if she had a restaurant in mind or if she wanted me to choose. She left me that task. I made reservation for 2 at Amadeus, near Almancil, 20.30 and agreed to meet her in the lobby to the hotel by 20 hours.

I thought to go to the Guincho beach as planned and drive towards the Algarve only in the evening. However, I remember, I have a friend in Vilamoura with whom I don't speak for some time. I called him to ask if he had plans for the day. He was going to the beach with some friends. Good, I say, I'll join you.

So I did.

Before the 13 hours I was on the "falésia" beach in Vilamoura.

After a beautiful afternoon on the beach, around 18:30 I asked if they did not want to go. I had a meeting at 20 hours ...

They all wanted to know who was what it. Of course I didn't tell ...

Meanwhile a nervous feeling start to take possession of me as we approach the time of the meeting. This nervous had appeared for the first time in the morning when the meeting was confirmed, such as "And now, what do I do?" But the afternoon relaxing on the beach had disappeared. Now had come back ...

At 19:55 I was impeccably arranged in casual sporty style in the lobby of the Hotel Quinta do Lago. I remember, we had not combined to way to recognize, but I thought it would not be necessary. It was not.

20 hours sharp. She arrives. Beautiful. Not the beauty of a model of 20 years. The beauty of a woman of class, sophisticated, determined. Of course, I never asked her age. Should be near 50, but appeared just over 40. But what a 40 ...

Really I felt proud to be able to share an evening with that person. As soon as I saw her I believed it would be a memorable evening.

I Had asked the taxi to wait. We went for dinner.

I am more a steak guy. She fish and salad. It was what we ordered. We drank wine. We talked, talked and talked ...

She spoke of the failed marriage, the children, the successful business (related to the pharmaceutical industry).

We spoke about the Algarve, the beach, relationships, music, life. She was feeling well. Me too.

The time was passing. It was nearly midnight when we left the restaurant. I asked if the night was over for us. She looked at me (with what seemed to me a naughty face) and said he wanted to go dancing. We went to the T-Club.

We drank champagne and danced. We barely talked in the disco. She was well and that was most important to me. I was feeling the same.

Now while I write I wonder if anyone would have noticed that I was an escort and she was a client. I think not. I do not know. It doesn't matter.

Something started to bother me. And if she wanted something else? What would I do?

Because I had established for me that the rule was no sex. But I did not know how that for me was so important. Would let go. But I think at that time I was already wishing that she wanted ...

Around 1h00 am we left the T-Club.

Upon arrival the hotel she said she knew the rules that I had placed, but asked if I wanted to go to the room and drink some more champagne. I accepted immediately. Do not have to think.

Once we entered the suite I kissed her. She kissed me back. We kissed each other. We made love. We slept together.

In the morning I was awoke by the smell of the breakfast already waiting for me on the balcony. She was sunbathing.

I brought her to the bed and we made love again.

After breakfast I felt I had to leave quickly. I was losing control. I came to Lisbon.

I'll think about all this during next days ...


  1. Congratulations on your first booking :). Sounds wonderful. Yes, alot to think about.

  2. I so enjoyed reading that blog sweetness. I was very impressed and was waiting with anticipation for you to see if you stayed with her. Its so nice when that happens with a special client. Do you have photos of yourself. Its a pity you can not post some

  3. Hi Georgia

    Good to know you are really following me...