Thursday, July 30, 2009

Having coffee with Telma

Hello ladies

Yesterday evening I went for a coffee with Telma. In the area of the Park of Nations, Lisbon.

Telma read my blog and was curious to know me. She never thought about hiring the services of a male escort, but something inside her ... She told me that just the fact of paying to someone to be with her excited her a lot!

Telma is the typical successful career woman. Not businesswoman. She has a Ph.D. and has a good job. Very good. She is divorced and does not want to remarry soon. Telma has no children.

We had a very open conversation.

Telma don't consider herself beautiful (I disagree!) She has internalized the idea that men only approach her for the money, the stability she provides. As it happened once, she thinks it will always be that way ... (I also disagree. I agree that can happen. I disagree that it is always like that.)

She told me something I had heard men say about women: "It can be cheaper if you pay ..." We laughed about that ...

Next week we'll meet up for a diner.

I´ll let you all know about that later...

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