Friday, July 31, 2009

Romance vs Sex

Hello ladies

Ladies continue asking me about my services. They want sex. If they pay, they want sex ... Wrong!

Nobody paid me to have sex. You pay me to have romance. Sex, when it happens, is always free ...

Sex by sex is like an aspirin for a headache. You have a headache, you take an aspirin. Tomorrow the headache is back, another aspirin. And you never understand why the headache is coming ...

Romance is more than that. It takes you back to life. You feel good. Not for half an hour, but with prolonged effect. Romance can change a life. Sex changes an hour.

Kisses to all


  1. thanks for following my blog, but Youve got even better

  2. This is really interesting to me who knows little about escorts. You don't seem to hear about it the other way round - that is to say, about female escorts - do you? What I'm intrigued by is why women pay for the company of a male escort and what I'm wondering from your post is if it might be because sex is not expected of them. If they were to meet a guy in a bar in the usual way, there would be more at stake. Perhaps they guy would be looking for a longer relationship than they were interested in and if not, they would almost certainly expect sex.

    You have an interesting blog. Thanks for following me!

  3. Hi J

    Sorry if my english is not so good but I didn't get your point...

    Are you asking why women hire me of they don't even get sex (whell... some do...)?

    I've found 2 kinds of women. The ones that look at this as a fetiche, and are expecting the sex... The others that are successful women and they are used to have control of everything. They want to play by straight rules. Hiring me the rules are clear.

    Take care

  4. Sorry - I read back my comment and it isn't very clear!

    The women who see it as a sort of fetish, I understand. What I don't understand is why women hire an escort for the romance rather than meeting someone in the usual way... then I thought that this may be because (although they may get sex) it is not expected of them, which perhaps it would be in an ordinary girl-meets-guy situation. It gives them more control, perhaps.

    I certainly don't mean to suggest that there's anything wrong with a woman hiring an escort - I just find it interesting, that's all.

  5. Now I got your point...

    What you say is logic (about not having sex) but is not what I've found.

    I've met women with traumas about men and money. They think all the men are runnig after their money, so they don't trust anybody to engage in a relationship.

    They prefer hiring me and pay a small amount rather than having it for free and paying much, much more...

    About sex I think only a small part of those who say they don't want it, really mean it... But there are a few...

  6. Ah, yes, that makes sense. Women who have been hurt, women who are worried about losing out in a conventional relationship - that makes sense.

    But how about for you? There must be some of these women who you really like. Have you ever fallen in love with one? And how do you deal with it when that happens?

  7. Till now it never happened. And I don't think it will happen... I look at it in a very professional way. It's my job.

    I respect all. I like most part. I never fall in love.

    It also depends on what yo mean by "fall in love"...

    If fall in love is loose your head, I don't.

    If fall in love is to like to be with them, think about them, miss them, I fall in love with a lot...

  8. I think that's what I would find hard. It must take a lot of strength to remain professional sometimes.

    Thanks for answering my questions! Like I say, it interests me.

  9. Hi Lisbon, I couldnt sleep and I have found reading your blogs very intersting. So true about the differences between sex and romance. Im an escort too and its interesting to see that the reasons why a woman hires a male escort is the same as why a man does too. Thanks for the insight by the way and I look forward to reading more. I would love to chat to you some time if you wish to join my MSN Take care.

    Regards Georgia

  10. Hi Georgia

    Very sweet your comment. Thanks.

    I hope you like to be escort and don't do it only for money...

    I don't have MSN (only my private one) so I think for now we won't be able to chat. Sorry...

    But feel free to drop me a comment here in the blog when you want and I'l reply asap.

    Take care


  11. I certainly will hun and I look forward to reading more XX