Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unforgettable Friday in Cascais

Hello to all

Lucy complained that I had promised to write a post about our adventure and had failed (yet. ..). So here I am doing the promised ...

Lucy found me through twitter ( It was there that she saw my blog and decided to contact me.

We agreed for a coffee during the week. PS: My coffees with clients and friends are always at the end of the day in the EXPO because that is where I work ...

So it happened. We met for a coffee on Tuesday evening. I had a good impression of Lucia right away. In her 40s, slim, well dressed, very friendly and funny.

We agreed for a diner in Cascais next friday. She was going to spend the weekend in the Algarve with her family. Lucy suggested to have diner in Mercearia Vencedora in Cascais Marina. I already knew the place and liked the idea. Date scheduled for 9 pm.

On Wednesday Lucy sent me a message saying she had made a reservation at the Mirage hotel. I asked why he had booked the hotel if we were going to dinner only? She replied that she knew how ... Not discussed. With decided women there is nothing a man can do ...

On Thursday I decided that since we had hotel booked (and good ...) in Cascais, I was going to take the afternoon off next day. It would be nice to go to the Guincho beach and then go to the hotel to get ready to dinner. I informed Lucy of my plans. She did not reply ...

On Friday I did the expected. I worked up to 1 pm, had lunch at the EXPO and headed towards the Guincho beach. But before I popped by the Hotel to confirm that there was indeed a reservation made (sorry Lucy, but as you did not reply me, I thought it would be safer to go check it out...). There was indeed, and I liked so much the pool area that I stopped right there in the afternoon and didn't go to the beach (it is also true that sometimes the sand bother me and I prefer a nice swimming pool).

It was nearly 4 pm when Lucy calls me to ask if I did had gone to the beach. She was arriving to Guincho beach in her nice bikini ... I said I actually had preferred to stay in the hotel pool. She made a little detour and came to join me. She was not far ...

When she arrived I was sunbathing by the chair. She kissed me in the mouth straight away. We spent all afternoon making out, like teenagers. I honestly was not expecting that ...

Later we went up to the room. And we did all you can possibly imagine, and even a few more things ... It was just great.

Diner was canceled. Lucy went to the Algarve that night. So did I. Apart, of course ;)



  1. Can't you give us more nasty details?

  2. Hi

    Thanks for your comment.

    Although there are a lot of nasty details to be given, I prefer not to cause I want this blog to remain readable by everybody, without exception.

    So it will be your mental exercise to guess the nasty details... ;)


  3. It was very good, too bad you won't give the nasty detail but it was fun to read!

  4. Thanks

    As I said before, need to keep it clean...

    Take care


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